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Lum Spirits

Strategically guiding a small startup towards a future of expansion and growth.

Creative and Brand Marketing
January 2023


At the forefront of the brand transformation, I led the reinvention of Lum's identity, encompassing packaging designs for cans and secure boxes. The rebrand involved a holistic approach, incorporating packaging redesigns, logo rebranding, and the introduction of new color ways and typography. The visual overhaul extended to diverse elements, such as campaign materials, posters, signage, and experiential designs, ensuring a cohesive and impactful representation of the brand.

Rebranding and Visual Transformation


In the digital realm, I curated and designed a compelling Instagram page, consistently posting content that authentically reflected the brand's values. Beyond aesthetics, I shaped the social creative territory and produced point-of-sale display materials. Additionally, my strategic approach extended to orchestrating successful launch events and partnerships, creating activation materials that significantly elevated national brand awareness and turnover.

Digital Presence and Marketing Impact

I played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and executing a 360° campaign that successfully propelled the brand into national prominence, resulting in expansion to five additional states. This comprehensive effort included strategic initiatives to boost sales and redefined the brand identity to align seamlessly with the company values.

National Expansion and Strategic Campaign

An examination of the previous can designs, showcasing the significant changes made in the brand transformation.

Before the rebrand

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