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Woodside Capital Partners

Creating individuality in the global corporate sphere for Silicon Valley's investment banking firm 

Design Specialist
December 2022

A comprehensive identity rebranding project was undertaken for a global investment firm with offices in Silicon Valley, London, and Zürich, Switzerland. The initiative involved a collaborative effort with the executive team to redesign the corporate brand logo, incorporating contemporary design elements reflective of the company's values and aspirations.

Extensive research into current trends, comparable firms, and the organization's core values informed the development process. The resulting identity assets included a newly crafted logo, a carefully curated color palette, and a distinctive typography selection.

Global Identity

To ensure seamless implementation across various touchpoints, a digital toolkit was created, comprising all essential identity assets. Additionally, the rebranding effort extended to the design of mock-ups for business cards, letterheads, and website templates, with a total of 12 logo variations explored to capture diverse visual identities.

By blending strategic research with creative exploration, the rebranding initiative successfully positioned the investment firm with a refreshed identity that resonates globally while retaining its core essence and values.

Digital Presence and Marketing Impact

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